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Keywords: Kirby's, Return, to, Dreamland, Music, Final, Boss, OST, Waddle, dee, KirbyoftheStarsWii, Kirby'sAdventureWii, minigame, subgame, Meta, Knight, King, dedede, Gameplay, Playthrough, NintendoDS, Nintendo3DS, Nintendo, Multiplayer, Power, Ups, Stars, Swallow, Doo, Wadle, Platformer, Sword, Whip, Water, Plant, Tornado, Hammer, Spark, Wing, Fighter, 星のカービーWii, HAL, Laboratory, Soundtrack

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corrente21:16, lug 3, 2012Miniatura della versione delle 21:16, lug 3, 201204:56480 × 269 (31 KB)TheULQ (bacheca | contributi)created video


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